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Being Organized is the key to saving time, and time is money! With today's fast-paced lifestyle, many people don't have the time or inclination to maintain order in their home or office and keep them running smoothly. We can Help!

Time to call for HELP?
Do you have the Disorganization Blues?
Or are you just too busy, or bored by all those details!

  • My desk is cluttered with papers I know I should take care of.
  • My office looks and feels disorganized.
  • I'm not 'ready' for a client to drop in for a visit.
  • I can't always find what I'm looking for quickly.
  • I'm not setting good example for my staff.
  • I maintain a junk closet of everything I intend to deal with after.
  • I put all my papers in one bag and then sort them out when it's time to do my taxes.
  • It's driving me crazy!

If you've checked one or more of the boxes above, don't panic, call The Organizer-the cure for the Disorganization Blues.

Bonnie has been a professional organizer in the Baltimore area for over 25 years. From helping offices and homeowners get their checkbooks and papers under control to decluttering one room or an entire home, Bonnie is an indispensable helping hand. Specializing in helping Seniors and The Health Impaired to manage their day to day details as well as bills and medical claims, so they can be better able to age in place.

Checkbook Balancing
Reconciling personal or business checking account statements each months.
Filing Systems
Creating easy-to-use, efficient filing systems and reorganizing and cleaning out existing filing systems.
Paper Management
Helping to create an efficient paper flow system for home or office to avoid wasting time and money searching for misplaced papers.
Medical Claims
Submitting and following up on medical bills and claims with Medicare, private insurance companies and doctors offices to ensure your maximum recovery of medical costs.
Time Management
Devising a schedule that will allow the completion of necessary tasks on time and let you find time for leisure activities.
Bill Payment and Organization
Sorting, organizing and paying monthly bills, setting up payment schedules and writing and mailing checks.
Clutter and Closets
Reorganizing and de-cluttering rooms, basements, closets, pantries and cabinets, making the job of finding things much easier.
Helping Seniors and the Health Impaired
Patience and sensitivity in dealing with everyday paper management, checkbook balancing, record keeping, bill paying, medical claims and bills. Help with downsizing and decluttering. Great support between Families, Care Givers and Case Managers.
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With these tips from Bonnie Blas

1. Write a list of business and personal goals.
2. Adopt a time management system to help you track and prioritize details, deadlines and demands.
3. Develop a company-wide paperwork system and well-organized filing system.
4. Regularly clean out and organize your computer files.
5. Redesign your work space to make it more comfortable.
6. Buy equipment designed to make your work life easier, including a telephone headset if you are on the phone more than one hour a day.
7. Keep a notepad or pocket tape recorder with you at all times. When things occur to you, make a note of them.
8. If you can do two things at once, you make better use of your time.
9. Set aside a specific time to handle household or office files and finances. If you stick to it, these necessary chores will get done.
10. If all else fails, call: The Organizer

"Bonnie makes the work pleasant, enjoyable and very rewarding. I highly recommend her to all those who can use some organization and order in their lives." ~Eli Schlossberg
"Thoughtful, caring and funny, it has been a pleasure to work with Bonnie. I am especially in awe of the way she thinks of seniors. She is both practical and efficient while being loving and sweet. A winning combination!" ~Risyl Edelman
"Bonnie has worked with me for more than a year confidential, important personal/business matters. She is trustworthy, competent, reliable, thoughtful about reorganizing as well as disposing of paper clutter. I recommend her wholeheartedly." ~Faustine Jones-Wilson, Professor Emerita
"I am a person with a variety of cognitive processing issues and other medical problems. After spending much time and effort looking for just the right kind of help, I finally found Bonnie. Bonnie assists me with home organization, personal accounting, and establishing a family budget. She is just as kind, patient, and compassionate as she is honest, reliable, trustworthy. In my experience she has repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty." ~Malka

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